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The Inspiration behind
Meet My Brian

It all started when the wife of a senior resident named Brian, contacted me at work to ask when she could visit her beloved husband. Working in the field as a staff nurse, I noticed an increasing difficulty for healthcare and senior residencies to balance the well-being of their vulnerable older adults and patients while ensuring their emotional needs are met with visits from their loved ones.

Allowing an unlimited and unrestricted number of visitors’ entry to senior and clinical or nursing facilities places the most vulnerable at risk. As many care organisations struggle to develop risk assessments or manually keep track of visitor comings and goings, I was inspired to create an exclusive web and mobile application for care organisations to balance the safety and convenience of its visitors. With the memory of Brian and his wife that initially sparked my idea, I decided to call the app MeetMyBrian

Founder met my brian
Jijo Johny

We believe in giving you the Best

Staff and families alike have found the application incredibly easy to use with the ability to stay on top of visits and senior care.

Take control

Take Control

Efficient Communication

Efficient Communication

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Eliminate Hassles

Eliminate Hassles

MeetMyBrian and Covid-19

In light of Covid-19, our application can help the most vulnerable by regulating and monitoring the number of visitors to care homes and residential living at any given time. It also allows tracking of visitors where there is concern of exposure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meet My Brian?

MeetMyBrian is an exclusive web-based application assisting care homes in arranging, managing and controlling both in-person and virtual visits.

It provides a healthy communication system to the resident’s families and care homes, helping them in saving tons of hours of emailing and phoning.

We ensure safety and comfort of staff, families and residents by avoiding large gatherings, providing them with more visiting hours and the necessary freedom.

We help care homes to get 100% compliance with CQC, local authorities and public health teams’ guidance about care home visitation.

How does it work for Care Homes?

- Families can book both in-person and virtual visits through online under the dictation of care homes.

- An online diary shows the upcoming and cancelled visits each day.

- More than nine options are available for care homes to control the visiting effectively according to their desired way. Adjust the settings as the guidelines changes.

- Helps care homes to loosen the restrictions as we get through this pandemic.

- Risk assessment for the visits is completed online, saving time for staff.

- Staff don't need to bother record-keeping for CQC compliance. Our system saves risk assessments in PDF format and which helps to track for NHS track and trace.

- Upload care home policies to portal and all the family members are instantly made aware of the changes you make.

- Our risk assessment is 100% customisable, allowing organisations to tailor the risk assessment that suits individual homes.

- Care homes can control and cancel all the non-essential visits with just a click.

- All the family members get an email about the changes in the visiting process. It further improves communication to avoid issues, especially during Christmas.

- The staff gets relief from managing frequent phone calls and maintaining the visits rota.

- Organisations can adjust the visitation preferences, which include time, length, number of people, test result evidence, gap days between visitation and so on.

- Staff can effectively make use of the online diary made available to them, and staff get plenty of time to work around the in-person and virtual visits.

- Staff can make bookings and complete the risk assessment on behalf of the families who have no access to internet and mobile.

- Care homes get 100% compliance with cqc, local authorities and the government guidance on care home visits.

- It takes less than 30 minutes to get it started.

How does it work for families?

Friends and families can enjoy the freedom of getting access to the portal where they can select either in-person or virtual visits or even more, a combination of both.

Families tend to feel even more empowered as they can book or cancel the visits, all in one go, which saves them hours of emailing and phoning.

The families are always updated with the changes in the visitation arrangements and policies instantly. Accessing the risk assessment before they arrive is saving families’ time.

How does it work for staff?

The staff can see all real-time updates about upcoming, previous and cancelled in-person or virtual visits in an online visitor’s diary.

The staff get sufficient time to plan around the visitation whilst also saving everybody’s time. The time, thereby saved, can prove to be functional to care for the residents.

The staff can take bookings over the phone and even complete the online risk assessment for those family members who are unable to access the internet.

Why should you act now?

Nobody knows when we will come out of this disastrous rife. Therefore, we must find alternative ways to arrange for visitations during these frequent lockdowns.

Frequent emails, phone calls, and unnecessarily keeping the relatives updated of changes can create chaotic situation, so they need to communicate in a structured, comfortable yet a fast way.

The wellbeing of residents from care home visitation is significant but it increases the pressure on care homes. It becomes critical enough to prepare the mental and physical wellbeing of residents during these times, and meetmybrian.com can implement all these plans with ease.